British Council Booking flow

Jun - July 2020

Lead UX Consultant

Helped British Council transform their way of working to be user centred, agile and product led.

Using a project as a showcase for best UX practice, my role was to lead the team by example to embed for agile and customer focussed methods into their way of working.

Formed a UX and research roadmap for an MVP, using a range of UX and service design techniques.

Worked closely with the core UX, business and technical team whilst leading on reaching out to wider international stakeholders to discover pain points.

The project took place during lockdown and co-design, stakeholder reviews, user research and analysis was done as a team collaboratively and remotely.

Miro was used extensively to work with teams spread across a large geographical area.

Showing the progress and design decisions

As this was a new way of working for the British Council, we wanted maximum transparency about decisions were being reached. Research with a wide stake holder group was carried out. I initiated co-design sessions with the technical, UX and business stakeholders to then start to produce the skeleton draft of the user journey. This was again shared for feedback and iterated.

Miro board for Sprint 1
Results of the user testing

The project was very fast-paced, and the discovery phase had generated lots of ideas. I asked the UX team to test 2 prototypes for the first round of testing. We tested one prototype the first day and a second prototype the following day. From this we got clear findings about which pattern and flow worked better for the users. For the next sprint we also tested 2 protoypes side by side. In this way we were able to give the development team enough to go on for the MVP within just six to 7 weeks.

Miro board for Sprint 1
Using Miro to collaborate on results of the user testing

Miro board for Sprint 1
MVP prioritisation

From the four days of user testing, over the course of 2 sprints, we were able to make calls on priorities to build for MVP

Miro board for Sprint 1