Digiterre - Fintech greefield project

May - Nov 2019

UX Consultant

Greenfield BI performance dashboard project. Under NDA.

Workshops with subject matter experts and developers for a new digital product for financial services. My role was to understand the problem they were trying to solve and advise on best practice and then design a simple and powerful BI visualisation tool.

The process of the work was:

  1. workshops with product owner to understand the problem
  2. team meetings with developers to understand capabilities and constraints
  3. researching similar products
  4. creating a mood board of graphical styles
  5. low fi sketches to discuss ideas with the team
  6. working up the design ideas in Sketch
  7. producing finished designs and style guide
  8. producing a prototype in Invision
  9. creation of a short movie, for presenting to clients, showing interaction with the prototype
  10. exporting modules and CSS from Sketch into Zepplin
After Digiterre presented the project and received feedback from clients, I repeated process steps above to update the product prototype.