Dept. International Trade

May 2016 – Feb 2017

UX Research & Design

Analysis and design for a tool for quickly discovering insights into management information.

Worked in fully Agile process and using the Government Digital Service framework. Worked alongside a BA to conduct discovery research across the business on their Management Information (MI) needs.

The goal was to establish which business area to focus on and a initiate a project which would prove the most beneficial. By producing a matrix of pain points, dependencies and effort we recommended the business area, and project to work on. Once the project area was decided upon, I did a further detailed discovery followed by the UX and visual design for Apha and Beta product phases.


Summary of roles and position within the organisation

Internal reporting tool discovery

As we spoke to stakeholders, we produced an org chart showing the breadth and depth of coverage and to keep track of who we'd spoken to. The slide to the left is a summary of the people interviewed. We then produced a matrix of where the most pain was felt and ideas for work streams or projects that could alleviate the issues. We included considerations of blokcers and dependancies to come up with recommendations on which projects to take forward.


Impact, effort, dependencies analysis for each area



Resulting matrix


Export MI dashboards


UX & visual design for Sectors overview



UX & visual design for Overseas regions overview


UX & visual design for region dashboard