Homes England government loan

Feb – Jun 2020

UX Design & Service Design

Analysis and design for the alpha phase for an application form and guidance on GOV.UK.

Responsible for the design and delivery of the UX for a government loan for first time homebuyers. Deliverables included As-is and To-be blueprints, user journey flows for happy and unhappy paths and the HTML/CSS prototype for user testing.

The project took place almost entirely during tight lockdown and co-design, stakeholder reviews, user research and analysis was done as a team collaboratively and remotely.

Trello was used to do affinity mapping after user research and to gain feedback from stakeholders.

Remote collaborative working

Sprint Board

Preparation: multiple actor blueprint and user journey maps

A key consideration was that most loan applications were by joint applicants and both needed to verify the other's information. This presented many different ways to do the user journey, all of which were sketched out as journeys to discuss with the team.

Unhappy path user journey mapping


Multiple applicants user journey mapping

Preparation: wireframes on Miro board

One of the key issues to solve with the UX and information architecture was that the loan worked in a different way to a normal loan; as an equity loan, it went up and down with the property value. This was counter-intuitive for users and so clarity and consistency of information and language was key.

User journey detail view