Reed recruiter ads

Jan 2018 – Feb 2018

UX Research

Job ad buying behaviour

Sole user researcher on a project to understand SME job ad buying behaviour and users impressions of the client's website and offerings in comparison to their competitors.

My role was to handle the whole research project from taking the brief, through to presenting the report to multiple stakeholders at all levels of seniority.

Before embarking on the research, I reviewed the client's current research assets, such as personas.

The budget was tight so we used the client's offices for the research. This is not ideal as it introduces bias, but I tried to mitigate for this effect as much as possible in the script. I liaised with technical staff to set up the meetings rooms as user testing rooms so that the team could watch in another room and the video was recorded, using an online research product.

I was asked to recruit participants using the client's customer database to save on costs. This involved liaising with staff responsible for the customer database and agreeing on email copy. This produced half the participants; for the rest I persuaded the client to allow use of a recruitment agency.

The research design included set tasks alongside in-depth interviews. This allowed for participants' own stories to come through as well as tasks to get comparable results.

After the initial open questions, participants were asked to look at the clients website and talk through what they were thinking. Participants could explore unguided to see what interested them.

After the session on the computer, there was a paper exersize; I printed the various modules from the website and cut them out into separate paper cards. The participants were asked to arrange modules in the order they felt they needed them to understand the pricing structure and the product offer. This was to understand what content was most important and would help them make a decision to buy.

Two reports were produced; a comprehensive deep dive report and a slide deck for presenting to the stakeholders, showing high level findings, and recommendations.

The results from the research were very conclusive and the project champion was very happy as there were clearly actionable insights.